Terms and Conditions


Hunting Club Artemis will try to make all its best to meet hunter’s expectations, but does not guarantee the quality and weight of the trophies that is being shot. Hunting Club Artemis is not responsible for any mistakes made by the hunting organizer, as well as any misfortune accidents, losses, delays and other. If the hunter leaves the hunting area early or arrives late, no refund will be made. The hunter is obliged to arrange all necessary trophy export und import permits and other trophy related documents, if needed. Hunting Club Artemis  will be help with arranging it.
All the costs are payable to Hunting Club Artemis. For booking confirmation is needed an deposit  guarantee of 200,00 € per hunter( for individual hunting)for driven hunting depending on the individual contract with Hunting Associations. The deposit guarantee must be made latest 30 days before the start of the hunt. The final settlement is made after the hunt. Delay with the advanced payment amount is treated as cancellation by the customer, with the result that no refund of the deposit takes place.
Penalty charges
In case, when the hunter shoots an animal, that is in the closed season or without the consent of the hunting guide, the price listed in the list of trophy fee is increased by 100%. Moreover the hunter can be given a state penalty charge or in extreme cases even imprisonment.
If the animal that was shot is a trophy game, the hunter will be not allowed to take the trophy with him.
If the hunter cancels the hunt 14 days before the hunting start, he has to pay following costs:
per hunter:
Individual hunts, per hunter: 2 hunting days with full accommodation, eventually individual room extra charge, hunting licence.
Driven hunt organization, per hunter: 2 days of full accommodation, eventually individual room extra charge, 2 days of driven hunt organization, hunting licence.
Non-hunter, per person: 2 days of full accommodation, eventually individual room extra charge.
No cancelation costs are charged, when the hunter finds an other hunter to replace himself.


Polish hunting insurance
The Polish hunting insurance is liable only for damage to domestic property or persons. If a hunter does not have a valid hunting insurance for Poland, it the organizers of the hunt are obliged to insure the customer.